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Hire a Salesmen at eLance

I find odd consulting jobs at elance. I stumbled across someone who was looking for a sales guy to sell ads on his podcast. Here is the job copied and pasted from elance

I own a weekly online radio show/ audio podcast, which has created more than 200 shows and interviewd more than 500 guests over the past 5 years.

[DAP]The show is number one on in the Outdoor Sports Catagory, and number 5 overall in the Sports Catagory. (Dave's note- number one on Podomatic sounds good, but big fish small pond).

Your job is to email individual snowmobile and related powersports companies, and get them to purchase an ad (sponsor the show).

Time Period. This is a sales job you can have from now till Christmas, every year.

You will earn 50.cad for every sale you make. When you re-new the sponsorship next year, (which will be much easier) you will earn 25.00.

I believe it should be easy to sell 200 sponsorships the first year, working on your home computer, about two hours a day. That means you could earn at $10,000.00cad every year, working from September till Christmas.

What the Sponsor Gets:
The sponsor will have a ten minute interview on the show to talk about his product or service. He will also have his small banner placed on our main page for one year. He will also have his name listed on our sponsorship page. He will also have the opportunity to be part of our give away program. (Each week we tell listeners to write to us, and they can win a prize.)

I would provide you with the email copy to send out. You email it out to potential sponsors, and answer their questions by email.

Every time we create a new show, you would also email out to your list again, saying “Hey! We have another new podcast!”

The Price of a sponsorship for one year is $ 399.00cad .

You can easily find potential sponsors, by searching through snowmobile web sites. Almost each site has snowmobile sponsors page that lists willing snowmobile related businesses. Here is an example of a web site that has a sponsor page.

You just have to visit each sponsor's web site, then find the email address of the contact in charge of advertising, then send them an e-mail, asking him to become a sponsor of our show.

Each year, starting in September, there are thousands of snowmobile businesses that are looking for a good place to advertise.

When they buy from us, they can use Pay Pal to pay. As soon as we get the paypal payment, we send you 50.cad on paypal to your account.

Visit our site now and have a listen to the show, SLED TALK RADIO.

See the advertising details page here: (Dave's note: Do not have spaces in your website name. He is apparently doing his website by hand – no wordpress).

See our guest list:

See our Show History:

This is a good job to work at from your home office. If you sold 200 ads every year, you would build your income higher every year becasue of renewals!

Study my web site, then contact me for the job[/DAP]

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