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Add Your Own Radio Station To Your Website With Rotating Advertisements


There are stats that show that MANY people still listen to your podcast on your website. There are many different free players like Podtrac, or if you are part of they have a player. Then I found the RAVE player. This is from the people who make the Wimpy player which is also very cool. Here is what I REALLY like about this tool.

1. You can put in your RSS player and it will play the episodes in your feed.

2. You can set up an alternate playlist of advertisements and then put in a ratio compared to your podcast feed. For example play 1 podcast episode, and play 2 advertisements, then 1 podcast episode then 2 advertisements. You can specify any ratio, and the media can come from any location (your website, your media server, etc).

3. You can work e-commerce into the files so that when a person hovers over the file a “buy” button will appear and if they click on it they can buy your product (could be used for affiliate marketing or selling your own product).

4. You can download a free demo of the show and try it out. Their support staff helped me when I put in an address wrong. Great guys. You can check it out at

If there is one downside, it's that its not html5 compliant (so it won't work show on an ipad).

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  1. […] The service is free as the place ads on their player when you listen online (and if you download the episode there are ads added to the beginning of the show). If you are looking for a way to ad advertising for those who listen online only (not downloads) check out my latest version of More Podcast Money. […]

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