Today let's compare Podcasting to Radio, Magazines, and Newspapers

While more people listen to radio than a podcast, each year radio listening is going down and podcast listening is going up. With a radio station, you can only reach as far as your signal. You might say, “But hey Dave I can get my station on the iHeart Radio App.” This is true, but when you go to listen in the car you are streaming the show, chewing up your phone's data package. With a podcast, you can download the file to your phone while you're on wi-fi at home and then listen to the episode without chewing up your data.

Radio and Newspaper people will ask, “But how do we know if they are listening?” To that, I want to say, “How do I know if someone saw the story on page 6? Here is a fun fact, in the Apple Podcasts app if you don't listen to any of the last five episodes of a podcast it will stop downloading it. How many listeners would radio have if they missed five programs in a row, or how many subscribers have if every page wasn't read? People in the media who are afraid of podcasting taking over their territory (rightfully so by the way) try to hold podcasting to standards that they themselves couldn't pass.

There is no spam in podcasting. If you don't want any more information from me, with a single swipe and click you are done getting content from me. I canceled my SiriusXM subscription last week. I go through periods where I will subscribe and then unsubscribe. I've been through this routine. They ask me why and try to give me a huge discount, and give you time to second-guess your decision. There is no second-guessing in my scenario. I know the drill. I told this to my support person and still, they read off their cards and try to sell me and get me to stay. This annoyed me so much I may NEVER go back.

The Power of the Niche

Let's say you have a product that is meant for people who participate in Triathalons. You could exercise in Fitness Magazines, Biking magazine, Weight Lifting Magazines, TV, but you're hoping that the tri-athlete is maybe watching or reading one of those items.

What if spending all that money on magazines, radio, and TV you started a podcast like where this podcast is designed specifically for people who are triathletes. Now because of the niche of this podcast, their audience will be smaller than a general weight loss show, but the audience will be more engaged because the audience is thinking, “Oh man, I thought I was the only person into this, and they will download your back catalog.”