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If you’re tired of podcasting for free, this book will help you solve that situation. This book provides 13 different strategies that have been used by podcasters to generate revenue. You like podcasting, but its time you get some return for the investment of time you are putting into it. Dave Jackson started podcasting in 2005 and has helped hundreds of people launch podcasts at the School of Podcasting. He’s also seen a lot of podcasters do it the wrong way and can help you avoid those mistakes. You will read about podcasters who makes thousands of dollars in donations, who sell their back catalog, get their own radio and television shows, who are boosting sales in their businesses, and many more. Quit waiting for a sponsor to come knocking on your door, you can start making money with your podcast today.

Why Podcasting is Better Than Radio


Your podcast may have a target market. If you are a blues musician, do you want to advertise on a top 40 station that might have a very small amount of listeners who enjoy blues music, or would you like to advertise on a podcast that has 400 blues fans? It's not the number of the audience, it's the amount of passion the audience has for that topic (and host).

Lastly, if you advertise on radio you ad appears and immediately evaporates. I have a podcast that hasn't had a new episode in 2 years. Yet in September of 2011 that “dead” podcast had 2521 downloads (about 180 downloads per episode). If you had advertised on that podcast it would still be reaping benefits two years later, and radio can't even touch that idea.

Here at the site we have tutorials on making a media kit, as well as samples of other podcasters who have created a media kit. When you buy the book you get access to the information in the book, as well as any new items that have been discovered since its original publishing.

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