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Turn Your Blog Into a Book


Selling a Product of Your Own

Ever since I've launched my book, I've had a steady stream of income. It's been two and three digits each month. You have to promote your book, but it's nice to have a product of your own to sell. If you've been entering show notes you could even take those and add a bit more to it and turn it into a book.

The best thing is all you need to do is get an editor (don't try to edit your book) and a cover. This means you'll probably put out around $300 (depending on the length of your book) which you can make back over time. I broke even after three months.

You Have What Authors Want

The one thing that authors don't have is a promotional channel. They hope to get interviewed on a radio show or some other venue. The beautiful thing is you already have a promotional channel filled with people who know and trust you. Why not give them an easy to consume product. Instead of having to listen to all of your podcasts again, you can provide a summary in a Kindle format.

Why Kindle?

While it's good to be at the top of search engines, it would be better to be on top of who has hundreds of thousands of credit cards on file (if not millions). You can read a Kindle book on a Kindle, iPod, iPad, Android, or even in a browser. It is compatible as a pdf file.

KD Publishing Pro Software

While I used Word for my first book, I will be using KD Publishing Pro for my future books. The software is only $27 and its super easy to use and takes all the guesswork out of publishing on a Kindle. The reason the product is so inexpensive is they are going to try and upsell you on another publishing tool. It's a useful tool, and you can purchase it later if you're on a tight budget.

There are training videos for each product that make it easy to start creating your first book.

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