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If you’re tired of podcasting for free, this book will help you solve that situation. This book provides 13 different strategies that have been used by podcasters to generate revenue. You like podcasting, but its time you get some return for the investment of time you are putting into it. Dave Jackson started podcasting in 2005 and has helped hundreds of people launch podcasts at the School of Podcasting. He’s also seen a lot of podcasters do it the wrong way and can help you avoid those mistakes. You will read about podcasters who makes thousands of dollars in donations, who sell their back catalog, get their own radio and television shows, who are boosting sales in their businesses, and many more. Quit waiting for a sponsor to come knocking on your door, you can start making money with your podcast today.

Selling Your Podcast In iTunes


As far as I know there are no podcasts that you can subscribe to in iTunes for a fee. People like Marc Maron sell individual episodes for a fee in iTunes I've helped people do this for year, but using the same path as musicians.  There are tow companies at the fore front of sellign your podcast in iTunes. These are CDBaby and Tune Core. Here are some comparison notes:

1. Both charge $49 to get set up.

2. CDBaby charges no annual fee, but takes 9% of a digital sale. Tunecore has a $49 yearly cost, but takes no profit from you. Doing ths math ($49 / .09) you would have to sell more than 544 items to have tunecore be a better deal.

3. CDBaby has 60 digital retailers (iTunes Amazon, etc). Tunecore has 27

4. CDbaby has tools to help you sell your digital files on Facebook and other tools.

Another Way To Sell Your Podcast Episodes

While you can always benefit from the traffic of iTunes, don't forget you can sell directly from your website using PayPal and a tool like Magic Members (where you could sell individual tracks, or a compilation download). Magic Members is a one time fee of $97.


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