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Let The Audience Decide on the Product


Jay Mohr has a top ten podcast and he has decided instead of trying to figure out what product would best fit his audience, to let them decide. He is simply telling them to go to his website (Good move as his schedule is there as well) and click on the Amazon banner. From there they can purchase anything they want, and they aren't spending any more money than they normally would. With his popularity this could add up. Typically you earn 4% at However, the more people that purchase through your link, the more you earn.

There are some fixed commission rates depending on the product.

While it may take some time to get into these upper tiers (as only a portion of your audience will click the link, and a smaller portion actually buy something) it is a way to allow your audience to support the show without you having to find the perfect product or service, with a good payout, in the right price range, to match your audience.

In doing some quick Google searches it appears California, Colorado, Connecticut, Arkansas, and more. Lucky me, I currently live in Ohio. The reason Amazon does this is if there is an Amazon Associate who makes more than 10,000 in commissions, the Government sees this as having a presence in the state (think of this as having an official “office) and so they expect Amazon to pay state tax. Instead of doing this, Amazon cancels all affiliate sales in that state (thus taking money out of the people who live in that state, and would buy more things in that state – THANK YOU POLITICIANS).  Paying all those taxes would put Amazon out of business. What they should do is take everyone's SS# and provide tax information (so those people who earn income pay taxes on that income – that seems like the right thing to do).

If you're looking for an easy way to add Amazon Affiliate links to your website check out the AZON plugin

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