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Converting A Media Kit to Match Yours


Today we talk about Michael Hyatt's media kit (very nicely done). I see how his traffic is very impressive and consequently, to advertise on his website caost over one htousand dollars. I took his numbers and compared them to mine:

Michael's unique Visitor: 338179
Dave's Unique Visitors at the School of Podcasting: 5365

I divided my visitors by Michaels and got .015864 (or slightly over 1 percent).

Michael's price for advertising on his website: 1017
I took his price and multiplied it by my perdentage (.015864) to see if I charged his fee (using my traffic) I would charge $16.13 for a month (on my website).

His book is very, very, very. good and I highly recommend it.

He also did a survey of his audience. While there are free services like Survey Monkey, there are free WordPress Plugins. The one I am using at Planning You Podcast is called “surveys.”

Get the Michael Hyatt book for FREE by going to (and sign up for a trial account)


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