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An Idea That Promotes Your Show, Gets Your Audience Involved, and Generates Income


I just discovered which is kind of like a Kickstarter for T-shirts. Thanks to Dan from for the insight. You can create your own T-shirt (where the minimum price is around $10-$15 depending on what you put on it). You can then set a minimum number of T-shirts to sell, and tell your audience. If not enough people get involved, nobody loses any money.

Every campaign has a minimum number of items that need to be purchased – typically three (3) items – in order for it to be printed and shipped. If your campaign is unprofitable once it ends, the buyers will not be charged and the items not printed. You can try again by relaunching your campaign or, if your campaign receives 10 reservation requests after the campaign has ended, your campaign will automatically relaunch!

Because your goal is irrelevant to campaign success, you do not need to lower it. However, you can request a goal drop in your Seller Dashboard, which will appear on your campaign page an hour later.

All sales transactions take place either once a campaign has ended with the minimum print requirement met (5 orders), or when the campaign reaches it's goal- whichever comes first.

All Teespring campaigns are created with a sales goal in mind. If this goal is met, that is when your transaction will be processed. If the goal is not met, but the minimum of five (5) orders required to print have been placed, your transaction will process once the campaign ends.

This will always be one-time charge, no matter the circumstance, and you will never be charged if the order does not go to print.

If you have more than three campaigns you can make a store front.

Compare Tee Spring To Cafepress

The Value T at Cafe press is listed at 9.99 (but that is with no design). Yes you can buy a single shirt, but its going to cost you. You could buy an order of five (make them large and if they are too big your audience can wear them as Pajama's). Check it out at

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