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Affiliate Marketing – Pennies Make Dollars


Today I provide an introduction to affiliate marketing. I talk about how I tried to promote the Total Gym to my weight loss podcast. Eventually someone bought one and I earn a nice commission. However, there were months where I earned nothing. This is one of the keys to making money with your podcast:

You HAVE to know your audience. When you first start out, you will swing and miss. It's natural. Remember you don't always have to siwng for the fences. If you hit enough singles and doubles, those add up to runs as well. As a very wise business owner once told me, “Pennies make dollars,”

You can make your own sponsor (again, find a product that fits your audience) with sites like When you login you can find a product that fits your market (and preferably that you use, or can honestly promote and talk about. All you have is your integrity, so guard it with your life. Don't just promote something because it has a big commission.

I ended up making more money selling card where people can “Deal themselves a workout” and I earn maybe $1.50 per order (but I get a few orders a day). The product itself is only $15 a deck. My audience could afford that (unlike the thousand dollar Total gym).

Key Points:
Find a product that fits your audience.

Find a product that you can honestly say you would use.

Promote it and see if anyone purchases the product. If after a few months you are not getting any sales, try something else. You will be able to see your affiliate stats if anyone is even clicking on it.

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