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Ad Rotation Tools For WordPress


One of the ways you can boost income from your podcast is to have some advertising on your website. Notice I said SOME, not a TON. You can actually sell advertising on your website, as well as on your episodes. This is actually an old sales technique. Instead of asking a prospect, “Would you like to set up an appointment?” you ask, “What day is better for an appointment Tuesday or Thursday?” By doing this, when they pick a day you have set an appointment. In the “Would you like to set an appointment” scenario you are leaving “No” as an option.

Hear are some tools to allow you to sell ads on your website:

A.M.Y (Ad Management Yoga).

This is a very easy, super light tool. While it is not a plugin for wordpress it delivers code that can be used in WordPress. You can sell Flat (time-based), CPM (impressions-based) and CPC (clicks-based) pricing plans.  It's only $29 and can be used on an unlimited number of domains.

OIO Publisher

OIOpublisher This is a WordPress plugin, that makes it super easy to have people purchase advertising on your website. It only sells ads by days (X amount of money for X amount of days). This system also has a marketplace where you can list your website for potential buyers. You keep 100% of your revenue, forget middleman commission (which means you going to end up paying paypal fees). It can be a “hands free” system that will handle the entire process of selling the advertisement, placing it on your website, and alerting the advertiser when the advertisement expires.  The plugin goes for $47.

Max Banner Ads

Max Banner Ads is for the person who isn't so much looking to sell advertising but is look to manage ads on their sites (like affiliate banners). This is a really versatile plugin as you can put any kind of banner pretty much anywhere you want. This is a great way to add a call to action at the bottom of every post. For example you might say, “Subscribe in iTunes by clicking here” or, “Sign up for our newsletter” and place the code from your newsletter. To get the “powered by Max banner Ads” you need to spend $47.

Also mentioned in the episode is Ad Manager Pro. Much like A.M.Y. this is NOT a WordPress plugin, but is very very feature rich and could supply code to paste into a text widget (or paste into Max banner Ads). It's $99

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