More Podcast Money: Turn Your Passion into Profits

If you’re tired of podcasting for free, this book will help you solve that situation. This book provides 13 different strategies that have been used by podcasters to generate revenue. You like podcasting, but its time you get some return for the investment of time you are putting into it. Dave Jackson started podcasting in 2005 and has helped hundreds of people launch podcasts at the School of Podcasting. He’s also seen a lot of podcasters do it the wrong way and can help you avoid those mistakes. You will read about podcasters who makes thousands of dollars in donations, who sell their back catalog, get their own radio and television shows, who are boosting sales in their businesses, and many more. Quit waiting for a sponsor to come knocking on your door, you can start making money with your podcast today.
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Quit Podcasting For Free

Donovan Adkisson

I first met Dave when he contacted me about doing an interview for his podcast covering my recently released book on my first year in podcasting. Before we did the interview, I found his book on here and bought it. The title definitely interested me as I was, along with many podcasters, trying to figure out the formula for making a living with podcasting. Dave's book won't provide you with the answers that will let you quit your day job and do nothing but podcasting. However, he does provide many resources that I had no idea even existed. You may can find those same resources by doing your own research, but why not take advantage of Dave's hard work that's already laid out for the taking in his book!

Kate Luella

Dave is the real deal, his book is easy to read, and I love that he talks about so many facets of podcasting, not just the high techy stuff. Like where to get free music, how to level your voice on your recording with other people, just really useful information. I recommend this book to anyone who wants to take their podcasting skills up a bit, I am certain you won't regret it. His website was a great resource too.

John Newbar

I've been podcasting for a few years, but had been waiting for sponsors to contact me. Reading this book I now know there are so many other ways to benefit from podcasting. I LOVED the style of the writing, it was so laid back and easy to read. Five stars!

Podcast Consultant

Dave Jackson has been teaching people technology for over 20 years. He has a Bachelor’s degree in Education specializing in Technical Education from the University of Akron. He has been on the Internet since 1999. In 2005 after hearing about podcasting, he opened the School of Podcasting website where he has helped hundreds of people discover the power of podcasting. His “Morning Announcements” podcast about podcasting has been downloaded over 782,000 times. He produces numerous podcasts about Podcasting including The School of Podcasting’s Morning Announcements (Podcasting tips), the Power of Podcasting (Why should I podcast), and More Podcast Money ( A companion podcast to the book). Dave’s other interest also show up in podcasts. He produces the Marketing Musician Podcast (, the Logical Weight Loss podcast ( and the Feeding My Faith podcast (, and the Building a Better Dave (family life). He lives in Cleveland, Ohio with his Wife and three step children. For more information go to schoolofpodcasting.